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                                  Routine maintenance matters of motor skeleton
                                  Creatime: 2020/6/13
                                  First of all, it is a test for safety. During the use of the motor skeleton, it is necessary for the use of electricity in the operation of the motor because of the use of electricity. This is also a safety hazard. If there is no more during the operation of the motor skeleton If the safety is guaranteed, then the company's production will be of little benefit, so due diligence and inspection are necessary.
                                  Secondly, it is to check the stability of each fixing screw, which can not be ignored during the use of the motor skeleton motor, because if there is no stable working environment, then it is easier to produce safety accidents in the production process Therefore, when using high-voltage motors, pay attention to the stability of the motor is a question that every staff member must pay attention to.
                                  Finally, pay attention to the problems in the inspection of the carbon brushes of the motor skeleton, and find and replace them in time, which can extend the service life of the motor and increase the safety during the use of the motor.
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