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                                  The application field of motor skeleton is more and more extensive
                                  Creatime: 2020/6/13
                                  At present, the application fields of motor skeletons are more and more extensive, and they are widely used in machinery, electronics, textiles and other industries. The following is a brief introduction:
                                       1. The motor skeleton is mainly used for occasions with positioning requirements.
                                  For example: dragging workbench for wire cutting, workbench for tufting machine, packaging machine. It is basically used in situations involving positioning.
                                       2. Widely used in ATM machines, inkjet printers, cutting plotters, pictorial machines, spraying equipment, medical instruments and equipment, computer peripherals and mass storage devices, precision instruments, industrial control systems, office automation, robotics and other fields.
                                       It is especially suitable for applications requiring stable operation, low noise, fast response, long service life and high output torque.
                                       3. The motor skeleton has a wide range of applications in textile embroidery machines such as computer embroidery machines. The characteristics of this type of motor skeleton are that the torque is not high, the frequency of frequent start is fast, the running noise is low, the operation is stable, the control performance is good, the whole machine low cost.
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