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                                  Development of the motor skeleton industry
                                  Creatime: 2020/6/13
                                  In recent years, the application in automobiles has become more and more extensive, and the main reason for prompting consumers to like the motor skeleton is, of course, the performance of the motor skeleton itself. Specifically, what are the motor skeletons in the automotive industry? What about the effect? The motor skeleton is also a rapidly growing motor application used to replace electro-hydraulic systems, which use pumps to generate pressure to increase fuel efficiency. The sensor is used for motor commutation and current detection. In hybrid electric vehicles, magnetic sensors are used to monitor auxiliary motor inverters. Because of the needs of the domestic market, my country's motor skeleton manufacturers have designed motors that are relatively large in appearance. Compared with foreign large-scale motor skeletons, more raw materials are consumed, and the production cost is naturally higher. At present, the development trend of large motors in the world is light and simple. my country's large motors do not have a competitive advantage in size and price. Therefore, my country's design capacity for large motors needs to be improved. Only by enhancing the international competitiveness of my country's local motor manufacturing companies will my country's motor manufacturing industry become a global motor supplier.
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