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                                  Introduce some knowledge about motor skeleton
                                  Creatime: 2020/6/13
                                  Motor skeletons are widely used in chemical, textile, metallurgy, construction, agricultural machinery, mining, light industry and other industries, and are widely used as fans, water pumps, compressors, machine tools, printing machines, paper machines, textile machines, steel rolling mills, air conditioners, and urban subways. , Light rail transportation and mine electric vehicles and other main machinery-driven power sources, so it is a large output and wide range of electromechanical products, which has an extremely close relationship and important impact on various fields such as national economy, energy saving and environmental protection, and people's life. , Played an indispensable and irreplaceable role. Electric motors are extremely closely related to energy saving, environmental protection and people's lives, and play an important role in our daily lives.
                                       The motor skeleton has good performance, hard mechanical characteristics, and the speed is strictly proportional to the frequency of the power grid. It has high efficiency and energy saving, feasible operation, convenient maintenance, good installation performance and long life. The motor skeleton adopts new motor design, new technology and new materials, and improves the output efficiency by reducing the loss of electromagnetic energy, thermal energy and mechanical energy.
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